The Truth

These end of age seasons will be the exact opposite in nature. In the first season of favor, immense grace and mercy to warn and prepare mankind for the end, will be given. It has been purposed that all nations will understand that the prophesied end has come, so that no one is left with any excuse when God comes to judge with Vengeance and retribution.

In the season of The Lord’s favor, The Lord Jesus Christ through The Holy Spirit will prepare the Church for the end of age harvest to bring in the fullness of the gentiles, and to revive Israel spiritually so that they understand the seasons.

After the season of favor will come the season of The Lord’s Vengeance, when His judgements are poured upon all mankind as He cleanses the earth to prepare for the kingdom of righteousness. In the season of The Lord’s vengeance, the anti-Christ king and kingdom, will be used to punish the wicked and through the false prophet as the beast from the earth, the Church will be harvested unto the Most High God as written in the prophecies.

There is need to study diligently the prophetic writings to understand every bit of information. The Lord God has willed and purposed to make the end time prophetic knowledge available to all, times and seasons are changing!

This website is about Bible prophecy and the Truth in God’s Word. By knowing the truth and sharing it with others, we obey the great Commission of The Lord Jesus Christ of whom we witness, Who we accept, acknowledge and embrace as Our Lord, God and Savior.

The time is near, and the truth as written in Scripture must be known. Those who have truly believed and obeyed The Word of God can testify that The Word of God is Live and has power to transform and power to give life. And those who believe the scriptures as written in The Bible know that Jesus Christ is The word of God, and He is The one who gave the Word of Prophecy, therefore, read and understand these prophecies, they are free so that all can access them and get to know the Truth that is intended for the Church in this age.

Good Bible students must confirm everything they read with what is written in scripture, we urge you to be good Bible students. With an understanding that this is for building the Kingdom and not for any selfish gain, if you find any truths in Bible prophecy that are not included, please make them known so that the Church can grow in truth.