Missions & Projects

House of Learning Insitute (HoLI).



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The Great Commission, The Joshua Ministry


The Joshua ministry is a program that is focused on empowering Christian families to walk the path of faith and to fulfil the great commission in shinning the Light of Jesus Christ bright in their communities.





Priests & Kings Beauty Pageant


This is a youth program that focuses on educating the youth on the importance of Character in hope to change the perception of beauty and vanity, in exchange for what is really valuable and what is crucial for them to attain eternal life. Besides a focus on scripture, the program will also help them gain useful skills that will help in their daily lives. The program is sponsored by Nzuri vintage and House of learning Institute.



As Written


This is a program that gives redeemed Christians an opportunity to share the Love of Jesus Christ with the less fortunate. The program is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ in Mathew and hopes to sensitize the redeemed on the need to treasure kindness, compassion, empathy and love towards one another as The Lord Jesus Christ commanded us as written.